MUXpro 700

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Beze změny existující síťové infrastruktury, bude TAINET MUXpro Série zajišťovat nosnou síť nově získaným zdrojům a přinese efktivitu....

Fiber série

MUXpro 700 is the best optical fiber multiplexer on the market for aggregating up to 4E1/T1 + 4FE or 3E1/T1 + universal data port + 4FE lines into a single fiber optic link. With advanced features such as on-board SNMP management, optical link automatic 1+1 protection and full diagnostic functions, the MUXpro 700 provides an optimal platform for concentrating and extending T1/E1/Data/ Ethernet lines over a fiber optic link. This platform, designed with modern FPGA technology, offers exceptional reliability, low power consumption and unprecedented flexibility.

The T1/E1/Data/Ethernet interfaces conform to ITU standards in all aspects, making the MUXpro 700 compatible with all existing T1/E1/Data/Ethernet environments. Its tributary interface can also be configured by software either with all four E1 links or three E1 and one universal data links to accommodate unpredictable circumstances in field application. On-board four Fast Ethernet links provide real-time data transmission over an optical link. It also offers various optical interfaces and modules to satisfy varying distance requirements while providing automatic protection switching for optical link redundancy. The cost-efficient single fiber solution (WDM) is applicable.

Multiplexor splňuje v plném rozsahu směrnice Evropského parlamentu a rady 2002/95/EC (RoHS) platné od 1.6.2006!

  • Compact standalone design
  • Fiber optical transmission for 8Mbps TDM and 100Mbps
  • Ethernet
  • Four on-board Fast Ethernet transmission
  • 1+1 Fiber optical link protection
  • On-board SNMP agent enabled with UNMS control
  • Flexible E1/T1/V.35 configuration
  • WDM solution available
  • LED Display on front panel
  • Diagnostic loop back function

Line (G.SHDSL bis)

InterfaceType : 2 or 4-wireLine coding : TC-PAMImpedance : 135


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